With your support, The Transcend Foundation provides vital healthcare solutions to the American heroes who need it.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with AML leukemia, which is cancer of my bone marrow. I endured complete organ failure and was in a coma and on life support for 18 days. I deal with chronic graft vs. host disease (GVHD). Transcend has been a miracle worker and has changed my life. I no longer feel the inflammation in my body caused by my GVHD. Chemotherapy and treatments had left me with low testosterone, but the protocol prescribed by Transcend has me feeling better than I have in years.
Matt Cable
USAF Staff Sgt.
My wellness coach is very responsive and everyone at the Foundation has been extremely supportive and communicative every step of the way. The difference with the Transcend Foundation is that they truly listen and make sure to provide a completely individualized plan of care, as opposed to just throwing medications at me with a 'try and see' approach. I am excited to continue my wellness journey supported by such a knowledgeable and caring team.
Jackie Syverson
Surviving spouse of Maj. Paul Syverson, KIA in Iraq in 2004
Transcend and the Transcend Foundation are building something I have not seen before. There are many companies out there that provide supplements and HRT. Transcend sets themselves apart by focusing on almost a holistic approach. They ask not only what you want to accomplish, but they make sure during the process it is actually happening. Everything I was provided increased my quality of life and performance.
Nick Gushen
My three deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan caused me anxiety, heart pain, a lack of energy, horrible brain fog, and other common symptoms of low testosterone. A friend of mine referred me to Transcend and they listened to me when I talked about my symptoms. My current hormone replacement therapy (HRT) protocol from Transcend has me feeling better than ever. The brain fog is gone and I haven't had a single chest pain incident since I started treatment. I'm a better father and husband and not as irritable. Transcend has changed my life, and every aspect of my life has improved.

Curtis Rowe
US Army Staff Sgt.
The people at Transcend and the community they are building are incredible. Their medications have helped me in so many ways. From a numbers perspective, my test levels are optimal. My DHEA and thyroid levels are on point. If you are on the fence about whether or not Transcend is the right choice/path for you…this IS the right choice. My quality of life has increased a thousand percent!
Geoff Speyrer
US Army
While serving in the Marine Corps, I lost my leg due to friendly fire. I have always strived to stay active, but being 50 years old makes it challenging to continue my fitness journey. I started working with the Transcend team, and their testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has given me the drive and energy to get back to being active and healthy.
Chris Nowak