Mental Health

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Post-traumatic stress is an important issue we want to tackle here at Transcend Foundation. The deployments, training accidents, and hazardous workplace experiences can leave our bravest working with untreated injuries. These injuries have many symptoms that leave that individual trapped with untreated trauma can affect their personal and professional life. So, Transcend Foundation with our use of preventative medicine and cooperating partners are creating a holistic care network for our veterans and first responders.


Another topic that we want to discuss somewhere on the PTS part of the webpage is getting away with The D in PTSD. Disorder is a medical term that veterans and first responders do like to hear. That term makes it sound negative and that it is permanent. We like to use PTS or PTSI (Post-traumatic Stress Injury) because we believe it is treatable just like any other “injury”.

Want to discuss information regarding Secondary PTS. Which is the affect on the family dealing with the service member or first responder that has PTS.

A Comprehensive Analysis

A comprehensive meta-analysis published in 2015 suggests that certain variables may influence a veteran’s likelihood of developing PTSD. These include the following:

  • Degree of Exposure to Combat
  • Discharging a weapon during combat
  • Witnessing life-threatening injuries or death while deployed
  • Levels of social support following traumatic exposure (such as the support of friends and family members).
  • 15% of emergency personnel (paramedics)
  • 13% of rescue teams
  • 7% of firefighters
  • 5% of police officers
  • In absolute numbers, an estimated 400,000 first responders in America have at least some symptoms of PTSD.
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11-20% of veterans who served in OIF or OEF have been diagnosed with PTS.
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55% of female veterans experienced sexual harassment while serving in the military.
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38% of male veterans experienced sexual harassment while serving in the military.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Stress Inoculation Training

Cognitive Restructuring

Exposure Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Substance ABUSE

The Transcend Foundation recognizes that substance abuse among players can be a symptom of related injuries of PTS and TBI. Together with our partners, we fight to treat and create a healthy alternative to heal the injuries among our service members and first responders.