With your support, The Transcend Foundation provides vital healthcare solutions to the American heroes who need it.

After 11 years of navigating a broken medical system, I was at the point of giving up. Plagued with disease and injury I finally began to think, "is this the end of progress?" That same week, I coincidentally met the Director of Transcend Company and the Transcend Foundation. After only two minutes of hearing a bit of my story, they resoundingly recommended I get full blood work. Never in my professional life had my medical staff, which I had a person dedicated specifically for me, recommended this. Ten days later I was on a full recovery protocol and two week into it I was fully healed and never felt better. Bottom line: "I've NEVER felt better." That's hard to beat in a previous world champion and winner of 300 races. So if I can transcend to another level, so can you.
Ken Corigliano
United States Air Force
I started treatment with the Transcend Foundation 8 weeks ago, and it has changed my life exponentially! When I first consulted with the foundation staff, they were helpful, considerate, and thorough in their approach to providing a comprehensive solution to my health issues.

After serving the better part of 20 years in a US Special Operations tactical unit, my testosterone counts were well below the accepted levels for a man my age. This issue, in addition to several other deficiencies were wreaking havoc on my daily life. From motivation, to self image, I was falling increasingly short of where I wanted to be, and where I had been in what seemed just a few years back.

Now, 8 weeks later, I am 20 pounds lighter, energized throughout the day, and back to a feeling of pride and hope for the future. For those out there wondering if there’s an avenue towards regaining your best self, Transcend has the map!
Brian Jacklyn
United States Marine Corps
Ever since starting my journey with Transcend, not only has my performance and overall physical health improved, but my mental health greatly improved. This is extremely important to me bc I’ve battled with suicide (several intentional overdoses), addiction, depression, night terrors, poor sleep, permanent injuries, muscle amputations, torn bicep, chipped vertebrae in my back, plate and screws in my face, rod in my femur, degenerative disc disease, and migraines that last for weeks that would put me in the hospital.

I had some pretty severe symptoms of PTSD and TBI that started to show, upon returning home from my 18 month deployment where 12 months were spent in Baghdad, Iraq as a vehicle gunner for a security/escort team for E.O.D. (explosive ordinance disposal) I was also a gunner on our route clearance team.

It didn’t take long once I was home for things to start unraveling. I was divorced, detached, I felt different, I had changed, I was unhappy, I felt like I had zero purpose in life, I was depressed, tired, run down and couldn’t find the energy to enjoy anything or be happy about anything in life so I turned to drugs, alcohol, etc. for the next 13 years I would spend in and out of incarcerations, institutions, several DWI’s, I was a fugitive for over 5 years. Swat had run in my house on several occasions due to my affiliations with drugs & violence. August 25, 2018 was the last time. This time I would put every ounce of energy and drive into rebuilding my life as I had done destroying it. I had been to the VA several times. They never even offered to do my bloodwork to check and see what my levels were. It was just take some more pills, here’s another script, so on and so forth.

Fast forward to now, Transcend got my blood work done, assigned me to a Wellness Specialist who is one of my favorite humans. He not only cares about my health, but we talk on a regular basis about more than just health. We are legit friends. He even flew out to one of my events and not only showed up to support, but participated in the event that not only helps raises awareness for veteran suicide but we raise money to help veterans get service animals. There were countless people that also connected with him and asked him questions and he educated them on peptides, hormones, etc. Transcend stepped up big time and was a top tier sponsor and supporter of my event. The people at Transcend and the community they are building is incredible.

The products have helped me in so many ways. First off from a numbers perspective my test levels are optimal. My DHEA is where it’s supposed to be. My thyroid functions the way it’s supposed to. Di-Hexa helps me start my day out thinking clearly and effectively everyday. Tesamorelin/ipamorelin has greatly improved my recovery and sleep!!! BPC-157 has helped me heal injuries faster and has prevented several injuries. If you are on the fence about if this is the right choice/path for you…this is the right choice. My quality of life has increased 1,000 times!!! These aren’t the only benefits. This is a very small amount of benefits, there’s plenty more that’s not listed.
Geoff Speyrer
United States Army
I am the surviving spouse of Major Paul Syverson, KIA in Iraq in 2004.  I have two children, ages 25 and 18 now, who were 7 and 7 weeks old when Paul was killed.  I was a critical care nurse until my husband died.  A few years after he died, I went back to school and got my masters in exercise science and health promotion and my NASM personal trainer and group fitness certifications. I have always been active; I was a swimmer when I was younger and played tennis all through high school. I have run many half marathons, one full marathon, and completed multiple OCRs. I taught boot camps, zumba, group fitness, and did personal training and coaching in between raising two children on my own.

After turning 40, I noticed I was not sleeping as well and putting on weight in all the wrong places even though I was still living a very active lifestyle. I chalked it up to old age and asked my doctor if I was maybe starting menopause.  He said it was possible but did not do any lab procedures, just prescribed the pill to supplement my hormones. Soon after that, the Transcend Foundation contacted me through mutual contact.  A wellness specialist listened to all my concerns and ordered lab work to get to the root cause of my issues.  When the results came back, I had a thorough consultation with a very knowledgeable doctor and found out my bloodwork showed deficiencies in multiple areas.  The doctor and wellness coach provided me with prescriptions and the Foundation provided these to me to get my system back in balance.

After just a few weeks, I have noticed better sleep and higher energy levels.  My wellness coach is very responsive and everyone at the Foundation has been extremely supportive and communicative every step of the way. The difference with the Transcend Foundation is that they truly listen and make sure to provide a completely individualized plan of care as opposed to just throwing medications at me with a 'try and see' approach. I am excited to continue my wellness journey supported by such a knowledgeable, caring team.  
Jackie Syverson
Surviving spouse of Major Paul Syverson, KIA in Iraq in 2004
In 2014 I was diagnosed with AML leukemia, which is cancer of my bone marrow. I endured complete organ failure and was in a coma and on life support for 18 days. I deal with chronic graft vs. host disease (GVHD). Transcend has been a miracle worker and has changed my life. I no longer feel the inflammation in my body caused by my GVHD. Chemotherapy and treatments had left me with low testosterone, but the protocol prescribed by Transcend has me feeling better than I have in years.
Matt Cable
United States Air Force
37 years old with 4 kids. Daughter 17. Sons 13,8, 8 months Born in Oklahoma City. Raised in Flushing, MI. Graduated Flushing High School in 2003. Joined Army in 2003. 4 years as an interrogator  10 Years 18E, Special Forces Communications Sergeant Deployed to GWOT Locations all over the Middle East, including Iraq and  Afghanistan. Numerous other countries in support of GWOT. Time on a Military Free Fall Team Time on a CIF/CRF Team Medically Retired out in November 2017. Series of compounding injuries lead to medical retirement. No big singular event. 4 injuries required surgical repair per Army medical. Still haven’t done it because I wanted to seek alternative options before surgical intervention. High level of TBI injuries due to blast injuries. Feel the effects of these daily. Rated for PTS. Feel the effects of PTS daily. Do not have nightmares and negative daily issues, but have textbook issues from PTS- Anger, anxiety, slowed thought process, sleep issues, mood issues. Also related to TBI trauma. Retired out.

Started working at Oakland County Jail as a corrections deputy. Left county to pursue another career option. That didn’t work out. Went to the Detroit Police Department. One of the best jobs I ever had. Worked in a directed patrol unit called Tactical Services Section (TSS). Most of our work involved seeking out illegal gun activity all over the city. Popularly or unpopularly known as “jump out boys”. An additional duty was conducting search warrants all over the city on a weekly basis for many of the investigative units in DPD. During my time in TSS, I was involved in an OIS. September 9, 2021, my partner and I were ambushed during a street investigation. Guy decided to shoot at us from very close range. I was struck by a round that went through the b pillar of my scout car and hit me in the stomach, just below the vest. Luckily it didn't penetrate, but messed me up pretty good from blunt force energy. Went back to work about 30ish days later. Made through close to 15 years at war without a serious combat injury. West side of Detroit got me. February 26, 2022, another gun investigation leads to me fighting a guy in the front seat of a car for a gun. Guy takes off the wrong way down a street with me in the car. Crashes us head on into another car. As a result I tore my left calf and tore my ACL, MCL and PCL in my right knee. Puts me down for 7 months.  Somehow no surgery. Started with 6 hours a week of PT. Then moved to 15-20 hours a week of work hardening PT with a fantastic PT/OT named Todd Hagberg and his team at Work Rehab Solutions in Lake Orion.

During this time, I was contacted by Quis about Transcend and the Transcend Foundation. Quis told me they were looking to help veterans and first responders. Quis wanted to help me get my physical and mental life back on track. Although I suck at returning phone calls and getting stuff done in a timely manner for him, I will be forever grateful for what Quis has facilitated. Quis introduced me to Ernie and Jessie. We sat down and talked about my past and present life. Talked about the compounding trauma to the mind and body and how that affects my life and those around me on a daily basis. Without batting an eye, Transcend said they wanted to help me get my life back on track and get me functioning as a man, a father, a husband and a person again. They wanted to help me feel whole again.

Transcend sent me for blood work and identified issues with my body and health that even my doctors and other medical professionals failed to identify. Transcend ran my labs and I was contacted by Chris and he provided me a proposed plan of TRT and peptides in order to heal and rebuild from trauma injuries, heal and rebuild from long term repeated damages, and get my mind and body back in shape to function at a high level for my LE job. Transcend sent the package right to my door and made weekly contact to ensure I was feeling better, knew what I was doing and answered any and all questions I had. I cannot thank Transcend enough for what they have done for me. I know I would not have been back on my feet, running the streets with confidence, without their help. I was dedicated on my own to get back in order to provide for my family, but Transcend helped me accomplish that goal faster than expected.

With Transcend’s help, I was able to make a timeline to transition from DPD to another Police Department closer to home and with a better schedule for my family.  Transcend and the Transcend Foundation are building something I have not seen before. There are many companies out there that provide supplements and HRT. Transcend sets themselves apart by focusing on almost a holistic approach. They take the whole person point of view. They ask not only what you want to accomplish, but they make sure during the process it is actually happening. They will add to or take away anything that they think will help or is not working the way you wanted it to. Everything I was provided increased my quality of life and performance from the start.  I have since been spreading the word to all my veteran and LE friends. Military and First Responders take on a duty that wreaks havoc on the mind and body over the long term. A company like Transcend and the Transcend Foundation that want to be there to make sure that doesn’t happen and to help rebuild the mind and body to allow and facilitate a long and successful career and healthy lifestyle is an incredible responsibility and goal.
Nick Gushen
United States Army
Started with the VA. Was like pulling teeth to even get bloodwork. Levels were 405 and they refused to treat me. Then went to private health insurance with my PC and they said I was fine with those numbers. They said it must be something else, probably PTSD. I didn't believe that. And this is after everything had been tested, brain, lungs, heart, liver, etc. All came back healthy. 

A bodybuilder friend of mine said to check Transcend and they actually listened to me when I talked about my symptoms and got me on HRT. I've never felt better. The brain fog is gone, haven't had a single chest pain incident since I started. I'm a better father and husband, not so irritable, it really changed my life for the best. Every aspect of my life had improved. That was until December of 2021.

I was in a traumatic motorcycle accident and was left unable to walk. The doctors said it would likely be permanent. I broke my right leg and foot in over 11 places. My foot was crushed so badly, it took weeks to find a doctor willing to operate on it. I knew I was going to be permanently handicapped but wanted to do everything I could to reduce the extent of it. Which took me back to trusting in Transcends HRT protocols. My current HRT clinic only prescribed testosterone and did not want to listen to my concerns, even with the severity of my injuries. I did a lot of research and landed on a couple compounds that many doctors and clinics told me no.

Transcend listened to my side of the story and gave it a try. Eight months later and I'm walking on my own two legs. Transcend was the only ones who heard me out and helped me. If it wasn't for them, who knows where I'd still be. Maybe still in a wheelchair.

Curtis Rowe
United States Army
Working in law enforcement is extremely demanding physically and mentally. It is very hard to put into words just how far I’ve come in a matter of a few months. I've gone from learning how to walk again, to now running, jumping and being able to exercise with no restrictions. Call it a miracle or call it BPC-157. Whatever works best for you.
Jake Lopez
Law Enforcement Officer
While serving in the Marine Corps, I lost my leg due to friendly fire. I have always strived to stay active, but being 50 years old makes it challenging to continue my fitness journey. I started working with the Transcend team, and their testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has given me the drive and energy to get back to being active and healthy.
Chris Nowak
United States Marine Corps
A traumatic brain injury (TBI) wreaked havoc on my body, throwing my hormones off balance. The struggle was real - weight loss seemed impossible, and my ability to focus was severely compromised. Body dysmorphia added to my self-consciousness, making me uncomfortable in my own skin.

But then, the Transcend foundation came into my life as a beacon of hope. They understood how TBI can disrupt hormone levels in men, and they took it upon themselves to restore my testosterone levels to an optimal range. The results were astounding. I shed excess fat and gained muscle, driven by a newfound determination to push myself harder at the gym. More than just physical changes, my confidence received a much-needed boost. With my testosterone back in balance, I felt a surge of self-assurance that I hadn't experienced in years. I even had the courage to walk around shirtless in public, free from the weight of body dysmorphia and judgment.

Now, I'm filled with excitement for what lies ahead. Thanks to the intervention of the Transcend foundation, my TBI is no longer an obstacle holding me back. I have rediscovered my focus, drive, and self-belief. As I continue on this journey, I aspire to inspire others and give them hope that they can overcome their own challenges. In the end, it's not the storms we endure that define us, but our ability to rise above them. With the support of the Transcend foundation, I am forging a path marked by resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to embracing a future of limitless possibilities.
Angelo Martinez
At almost 40 years old, the VA has been treating me for low testosterone for almost 10 years. In that time, I have seen improvement but not to the extent I expected. Since I began working with Transcend, over a few short months I finally feel more like my old self with renewed energy, better overall health and increased confidence. My body feels great and most importantly, this feeling is consistent.

Recently I began to explore the use of peptides to further my physical training with the goal of improving my physical performance, an area of my life I’ve struggled with while managing multiple physical ailments. I have full faith and confidence in Transcend’s team of experts as they guide me on my quest to regain control of my health, well-being and confidence!
Dan Pheiffer
Transcend company was recommended to me by another veteran friend of mine. As a disabled veteran myself I made sure to seek out a veteran owned and operated company/community so when I was told about Transcend, I had to check them out. I’ve always wanted to optimize not only my testosterone levels but my overall well-being. I was assigned an extremely helpful liaison Len who went above and beyond to answer all my questions that I had, being new to testosterone replacement therapy and injections I had quite a few.

After getting labs done my representative went through all my results and made recommendations suited to my wants and needs. My first order was Testosterone, HCG, and BPC-157 I couldn’t be happier. Yes, I noticed the strength and endurance in the gym but what I was most impressed by was my energy levels all through the day. It’s like a had a jumpstart to my mental and physical health. I’ve been sleeping better, feeling better, and overall performing better. When it comes to knowledge, professionalism, customer service, and veteran support I can’t recommend Transcend enough. 
Brandon Vilardo
I first got introduced to Transcend at the beginning of the 7X project. They immediately noticed the connection and opportunity to provide world-class and holistic services to the athletes. Well before I was offered any treatments, I had the privilege of talking with a team of their medical professionals. They took the time to walk me through exactly what I needed, how it would work, and why I needed it. As former Special Operations soldier with TBI, I can say that the products and services were exactly what I needed.
Danny Pritchard
Without a doubt, Transcend has the highest quality products in the industry. I came across Transcend by word of mouth through another non-profit organization praising their work and was very curious. Considering that I am a retired operator with multiple injuries and TBIs, I gave them a shot to help me balance and stabilize.

I am so grateful to have found such a fantastic group of professionals who put their money where their mouths are and provide top-shelf tailored protocols. I have become a loyal lifetime customer and member! Thank you, Transcend, for creating what you have, and you have my support indefinitely!
Mike Peyton
United States Navy
Throughout my nearly two decades as a Special Operations soldier, I’ve experienced the intense physical and mental demands of combat. Peak performance is not just a luxury for me, it’s an absolute necessity in my everyday life. That’s where Transcend, a leading name in health performance treatments and medications, has played a pivotal role.

What sets Transcend apart is their cutting-edge approach to health optimization. They combine advanced diagnostic testing with personalized plans for bloodwork optimization, all aimed at achieving elite physical performance. And let me tell you, they delivered on that promise.

One of the standout features of Transcend is their meticulous attention to detail. They take the time to customize every supplement according to my individual physiology, needs and objectives. This level of personalization is rare in the market, and it truly enhances the effectiveness of their products.

For quite some time now, transcends protocols have been an integral part of my performance regimen. They have supported me in maintaining a healthy mind and body, enabling me to handle any stressor that comes my way. Recently, during the 7X project, where I took on the challenging task of completing 7 marathons, 7 skydives, and 7 swims on 7 continents in just 7 days, transcends regimen proved to be an instrumental ally. Their protocols significantly accelerated tissue repair during all seven marathons, keeping me fit and prepared for the next challenge.

If you are striving for optimal performance in your everyday life or facing physically demanding tasks, I highly recommend transcends high-quality products and personalized care. They have been a vital part of my performance journey, and I trust them to consistently deliver the results needed for me to perform at my best, no matter what challenges I encounter.
Leo Williams
So, no shit there I was. It’s about 3 weeks before the American Extreme Human Performance Project 7X is about to kick off. I am planning on rolling against another BJJ staff member as well as Tier 1 operators and others on all 7 continents in 7 days, merely as my own personal side show, apart from the 7 jumps, 7 marathons, and 7 swims that the core group of athletes are doing. I roll 5 times a week, lift 3 times a week.

At 44, after 16 years in the Army, VA disability, serious back issues, I get injured on quite a consistent basis. Broken fingers, dislocated elbows, broken toes, strains and sprains. 3 weeks ago, my foot gets caught in my opponents gi during a sweep and I can't get my knee out in time as he falls back. And there goes my LCL. I'm done for the day. Can't move my leg. I hobble home and my wife starts laughing at me because I just recovered from an ankle injury. Doc says I have a class 1 tear on my LCL, going to be 6-12 weeks before I can roll again.

At this point my leg has a 10-degree range of motion, one of our medics (former PJ) recommends getting on Transcend protocols. Not truly knowing the science behind what these peptides can effectively do, he instructs me to try BPC-157 sub q over the LCL. 24 hours later my range of motion is 60 degrees. 48 hours later I can walk without a limp. 6 days later I'm in the gym doing leg day. I couldn’t believe the results. Now I'm headed out on the 7X tour in just a few days, and I couldn't feel better, stronger, and I can't wait for my new found sense of physical readiness to get me into another situation with someone half my age and start the injury and healing process all over again.
Bryce Hansen
United States Army
As a combat veteran my mental and physical health has always been one of the most important things to me. While serving in the United States Army for 8 years it was imperative due to the physical requirements of my specialty to keep my body in peak performance condition while being able to perform mentally. Fast forward 10+ years from exiting the military, as I aged and got older I slowly started to realize that the mental sharpness I once had started to lack in parts of my day. I was regularly losing sleep for the past 10 years and the physical fitness level I once held myself to as a standard seemed almost unreachable regardless of the amount of work I put in at the gym and in the kitchen.

In an attempt to find out what was going on and why I was feeling the way I was feeling at the age of 36, I scheduled a physical with my primary doctor. I told him all about my stomach issues, how tired I was on a regular basis, how no matter what workout I did or regiment or diet I was on I felt like garbage. We went through blood tests, all came back “normal”. I even went so far as to get a colonoscopy at the age of 36! The results were completely normal and healthy.

It was then I began to talk to Brendan Quisenberry regarding the toll of what I went through physically and mentally in the military can have on my body as I age. I was hesitant to get more blood work done as I thought “I had already done this” After Brendan hooked me up with one of the wellness specialist with Transcend, it was very clear that their aim for me was extremely different from the norm. The time they took to explain their process and what they did and how it was going to help me, completely changed my mindset on looking into things such as HRT, TRT / peptide treatment.

After getting my blood results back, they did indeed find areas in my body where I was lacking that were indicative of being the culprit of feeling the way I was feeling. They set me up on a 90 day protocol. I began my first treatments on March 17th of 2023. It took about 2 weeks for me to start seeing better sleep results. It took about 30-40 days for me to feel less sleepy during the day. It took me about 60 days to start seeing any physical results in the mirror and in the gym. And maybe one of the better perks of all of this, my mood was drastically changing. Less frustrations and “snapping or being short” for things that came up. My libido had always been quite high but that increased as well!

From days 60-90 I would say that I truly felt I was performing at a higher level than I had in the last 6-7 years with no question. I had dropped body fat and gained muscle from my workouts. I had not changed much in my workout or diets and just let my body begin to regulate and react to the treatments I was on. My family saw a noticeable difference as I was sleeping more and was better rested so I had more energy after work to play and participate in family activities.

I truly can recommend utilizing the tools Transcend has to help get your body back to where it should be if there are any deficiencies enough. It’s well worth the time and investment to regain your health and be able to get some self confidence back in the process. I can’t wait to explore more opportunities with their treatments after my next round of blood work to be sure I’m on the right track to maintaining and growing my physical and mental health.
Ryan Anderson
United States Army